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Bradley Rhodes

Research scientist, inventor, analyst, software architect, interface designer, former cyborg, finder of winds.

What I do

I like to work on open-ended problems, the kind where the solution isn't at all obvious and even the problem isn't well understood. For the last nine years I've been at Loon (which is sadly now winding down), working on bringing wireless internet to rural areas via high-altitude balloons. I built the first mission control system for Project Loon back when we were just a handful of crazy inventors. More recently I've been creating algorithms to control a fleet of balloons, so as one balloon is blown out of a service area another is positioned to come into range.

Prior to Loon I was a senior research scientist at Ricoh Innovations for 10 years, and also worked briefly on UX for Google Glass. I completed my Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab in 2000, under the supervision of Pattie Maes in the Software Agents research group, working on intelligence augmentation and wearable computing.

I'm bringing these pages back from the dead after many years, so please excuse the dust (and any stray references to MySpace or Limewire) as I slowly update them.

My resume.

Curriculum Vitae
A more complete curriculum vitae, including publications and list of issued patents.